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Hypnosis For Winning
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We live in a very competitive time, each and every day men and women all over the world engage in many and varied fields of endeavor. Lets face it, we all want to win, but sometimes for some mysterious reason, in spite of that desire... We just can't seem to make it, we get stuck or worse and more commonly... We start an activity, a project, a new venture or set a new goal only to lose our drive down the road and we don't know why!

Hypnosis was first officially recognized as a viable therapeutic tool by the British Government through the Hypnotism Act in 1952. Then, in 1958 both the British and the American Medical Associations (AMA) sanctioned the official use of hypnosis by physicians. In 1958, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) also approved hypnotherapy for use by professionally responsible individuals.

Prestigious hospitals in the U.S. now use and teach hypnosis, such as Stanford University School of Medicine in San Francisco, the Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Since the AMA sanctioned the use of hypnosis, many insurance companies cover hypnosis for medical and dental uses, including major surgeries. Now, more and more people are choosing hypnosis over anesthesia for surgery. Some choose hypnosis simply because they fear not waking up from anesthesia. The fear-factor aside, however, there are definite medical advantages offered by hypnosis; less bleeding, faster recovery time, and the need for fewer post-operative medications

Matt Damon (actor): Matt proclaimed his love for hypnosis live on TV, stating that it was the greatest decision I ever made in my life. Just a couple of other names that may be familiar to you, that have use(d) hypnosis are: Mary Lou Ratton, Tiger Woods, Jimmy Connors, Jack Nicklaus, Bruce Willis, Julie Roberts, Ellen, Kevin Costner, Ben Affleck, Jackie Kennedy, David Beckham and so many, many others. It's also a common fact that Sport Teams use Hypnotists for better performance, like Free Throws, Hitting, & for better focus, etc.

Brilliant minds from the past and of today use(d) hypnosis for business and the betterment of the World. Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square sets a focused "theme" for each day of the week. Alfred Lord Tennyson used a hypnotic mantra to access different states of consciousness in which whole poems came to him. Winston Churchill used hypnosis to stay awake all night and avoid tiredness during World War II. Mozart composed the opera, Cosi fan tutte, while in trance. Albert Einstein used hypnosis to formulate his incredible theories! Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud developed modern psychiatry as a result of learning hypnosis. Henry Ford was a devoted client of hypnosis and the list goes on and on...

Can Hypnosis Really Help Us Build and Keep Our Winning Mindset?   The ANSWER IS A RESOUNDING YES...

Hypnosis can help you quickly develop the winning mindset! Are you ready and hungry to be a winner? Do you know how to give yourself that extra edge that makes a real difference? You're already pretty good. You've done your homework. You've put in the time. You know YOUR Business inside and out. You look after yourself physically and mentally. You've listened to your managers / coaches and integrated their input. You've done well and you're expecting (and they're expecting you) to do even better.


Something seems to be in the way. It's hard to put into words. It doesn't seem to be anything specific that you're doing, but more like a sort of feeling, a sense that "I'm not quite good enough...", a sense that "I ought to be able to do better than this...". A feeling that drives you to analyze your every move to see how you could do more or be better.

What's going on here?   Timing is everything if you want to be a winner. If winning is in question, it means that the game is on. This is NOT practice time. This is NOT training time. This is NOT coaching time. This is NOT "getting better at it" time. This is Winning Time. That means that all other considerations, including how to do even better at what you do, are simply, and totally, irrelevant. Your focus MUST be exclusively on your certainty of and commitment to success. Your Success!

The Question Is, how do you switch off that inner analyst (who's only trying to help you) and get them to be quiet while you concentrate? Hypnosis can help you develop the true winner mindset... Hypnosis For Winning is a powerful 4-pak hypnosis sessions created by the International Hypnosis Institute. When you set time aside to repeatedly relax and listen to carefully framed hypnotic suggestions, your brain will automatically absorb and integrate the fundamentals of the winning mindset.

You'll Quickly and Easily Learn To:

* Stay focused on success
* Clearly visualize and tune in to being the winner
* Dramatically develop your capacity to rebound from setbacks without losing focus
* Be your own most powerful and effective motivator * Be A Winner In ALL That You Do

Some businesses attempt to increase profits and morale with the inspiration of motivational speakers. Unfortunately that high is short lived, and after a few days, people drop back to where they started. The stress of business is ongoing and depleting, and people are struggling to be their best and balance their lives. Everyone benefits from being stress free and staying motivated.

With Hypnosis You Can Make Long Lasting Changes...

Performance: All performance is based on a balance of relaxation and focus. When we are in the "zone" we are relaxed, yet focused and that is when our best work is done, we are not distracted, and we feel totally in sync. We have all been there. Wouldn't it be great to be in this state as a rule rather then as an exception? Hypnosis helps us to get in the zone and stay there!

Training your mind in Hypnosis allows you to successfully access this powerful state more often in your every day life.

* Wouldn't it be great to feel more confident and motivated?
* Wouldn't it be great to speak more comfortably and effectively?
* Wouldn't it be great to be relaxed and in control?
* Wouldn't it Be Great to KNOW and FEEL That, Without A Doubt, You Are Going To Win

How Can Achievement Strategies Help?   Hypnotherapy is one of the most time effective, and long lasting means, for making the changes that you want in your life. So many people are surprised to find how relaxing yet empowering hypnosis can be! Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind which is 90% of our mind, it allows for faster learning, and allows for deep relaxation, which allows the creative juices to flow.

Want Results?   Whether you want to reduce stress, improve skills, or increase productivity, Hypnosis offers powerful solutions. People spend years learning these tools and never master them, but through the infinite power of your own mind you can learn to use these tools for winning.

What Are You Waiting For?   Hypnosis has been very effective in the following areas:

* Winning
* Follow-through
* Confidence
* Attitude
* Anger
* Sales
* Persistence
* Creativity
* Memory
* Stress
* Focus
* Motivation
* Speaking
* Relationships
* Fears
* Goals

Over the last 25 years I have coached many, many, many different Business Professionals and the role of positive psychology in overcoming difficulties and maximizing success. I see first hand how crucial attitude is for human performance and happiness.

So why do I link attitude to hypnosis? Well, another word for "attitude" is "focus". And when you narrow your focus - either inward or outward - you begin to go into a hypnotic trance. When your attitude is strong, then you have strong focus and a strong focus is always hypnotic. Now the content of that focus is vitally important. A negative attitude means you expect things to go wrong or to be difficult or unpleasant. A positive attitude, on the other hand, means you expect things to be fun or productive or worth the effort. In other words, you expect success.

Hypnosis can help create success because hypnosis is about creating expectations. These expectations aren't the so called "positive thinking", or just hoping for the best. They are a part of you. They become your instincts. Now because your instincts work for you automatically, this positive attitude means you're freed from the effort of trying to be positive - which never really works. You just can't help it. You can't help being positive. You begin to expect the best quite naturally.

With hypnosis you can change unhelpful patterns so your expectations and instincts start to work productively for you. The advantages are huge. Even setbacks are seen in positive ways. Positive people learn from setbacks and often say afterwards that in fact they didn't see them as setbacks at all.

So where do you get your attitudes from? Well, you learn attitudes in two ways. Either they get conditioned into you by others, or you condition yourself through natural self-hypnotic experiences. Every time you learn something new to the extent that it becomes automatic, then you've been hypnotized. Remember, hypnosis can last just a few seconds and your eyes can be wide open. This is why we talk about anger, pessimism, anxiety, addictions and depression as hypnotic trance states, because they all require a restrictive, narrowed focus combined with a use (or misuse) of imagination.

People trance out just as much when they're being negative as when they're strongly positive, because your instincts are essentially programmed through natural hypnotic focus states. So it's perfectly possible to program yourself to believe unhelpful or limiting things about yourself. The argument of pessimists usually comes back to what they call realism. You know the kind of thing. I'm just being realistic. Things really are that bad. I say BS...

In our work we don't use unrealistic and simplistic positive thinking ideas, but we do encourage life transformation through developing productive creativity, optimism and staying power. Remember, expectation is powerful. Your brain works towards what it's been programmed to expect. This principle can be much more powerful than you may currently realize. I've sometimes set my alarm clock for six and then - due to high expectation in my brain - I've woken up one minute before the alarm goes off. Friends and colleagues tell me of similar experiences. Expectation is powerful stuff and works below the level of your conscious mind.

It's the power of unconscious expectation that determines your attitudes in life, and attitude is really a subconscious expectation; and, as any medic will tell you, expectation can even cure some illnesses. This is why placebos work in reducing swelling or pain even when they're just sugar pills. Placebos also make excellent anti-depressants. It's the expectancy produced by the positive belief that these substances are powerful healing medications that produces the positive result.

Hypnosis is a medium through which positive subconscious expectancy can be programmed and maintained. The more the client's attention is locked onto the placebo and the more their imagination is engaged, the more successful the placebo will be in actually reorganizing cellular structures in the patient's body. This is the hypnotic part and the success of the placebo is the completion of the expectancy. Few doctors understand that the working of a placebo pill is a post-hypnotic response, but that's exactly what it is.

If you truly believe that things are going to work out well, then you'll feel confident and have more staying power to keep trying longer. You'll also have more energy and enthusiasm, which is more likely to attract others to your project, and your creative mind will be working for you, so you'll produce unexpected solutions and ideas. Your subconscious mind will be constantly working towards manifesting the expectation and your brain is a powerful engine and what it is geared towards is absolutely crucial. Research shows that optimists have better immune systems, live longer, become less stressed by challenges and persevere longer, meaning they're more likely to ultimately succeed.

Hypnosis is a natural learning state and happens spontaneously and continually, and most of the time we're unaware of it happening. This means we can easily get hypnotized by the attitudes of people around us, and by TV and advertising.

Fortunately, optimism is a strategy that anyone can learn and the quickest way to do this is also through hypnosis. Optimists see positive things as part of who they are - permanent and relating to life as a whole. It's as simple as this: The more times you enter positive and productive hypnotic trance states relating to your life, the more positive - and likely to be successful - you become.

Because negative emotional states also work on people in hypnotic ways, we can use hypnosis as the optimum tool to overcoming depression, anger and other conditions. Similarly, because determination, inspiration and the ability to enter performance flow states are also hypnotic, we can again use hypnosis to create and enhance positive states until they become a lasting way of relating to your life. Of course, anything worthwhile takes perseverance. But individuals who can keep creative, upbeat and determined and see through the limitations of negativity are the ones who will thrive.

All psychological limitations are learned through natural trance states. Likewise, all skills, abilities and positive attitudes become fixed through hypnotic experiences. Negative attitudes produce negative expectations - which makes people give up too early and miss opportunities. Positive expectation means more energy and likelihood of success and happiness. Both optimism and pessimism tend to be infectious. Positive expectation and focus can be programmed through regular and effective hypnosis.

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Here Are Some Of The Issues That Can Be Helped By Hypnosis.   It's Exciting To Witness Many Of The "Amazing Transformations" That Have Occurred!

Of course, two of the major issues that can be helped are: Anxiety Disorder which may cause loss of appetite and lack of interest in sex. Other symptoms include muscle tension, headaches and insomnia.... The Constant State of Stress which can lead to clinical depression. You are also at increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

  Some Of The Other Issues That Hypnosis Can Successfully Help Are As Follows:  

*Abandonment *Addictions *Age Regression *Aggression *Agoraphobia *Anesthesia *Anger *Anxiety *Assertiveness *Assist Healing *Attitude Adjustment *Bed Wetting *Biofeedback *Breakup *Breathing *Career Success *Change Habits *Child Birth *Chronic Pain *Communication *Concentration *Confidence *Controlling *Cramps *Cravings *Creativity *Death or Loss *Discouraged *Divorce *Dreams *Empty Nest *Exam Anxiety *Exercise *Fear of Animals *Fear of Death *Fear of Dentist *Fear of Doctor *Fear of Failure *Fear of Flying *Fear of Heights *Fear of Loss of Control *Fear of School *Fear of Success *Fear of Surgery *Fear of Water *Fears *Forgiveness *Frustration *Gagging *Gambling *Guilt *Grief *Hair Twisting *Headaches *Helplessness *Hopelessness *Hypochondria *Hostility *Hypertension *Immune System *Impotency *Improve Health *Improve Sales *Indecision *Inferiority *Inhibition *Insecurity *Insomnia *Irrational *Irrational Thoughts *Irritability *Jealousy *Lack of Ambition *Lack of Direction *Lack of Enthusiasm *Lack of Initiative *Lack of Joy *Lack of Purpose *Lower Blood Pressure *Medication Side Effects *Memory *Menopause *Mental Blocks *Mistrust *Moodiness *Motivation *Nail Biting *Nausea *Negativism *Nightmares *Obsessions *Obsessive-Compulsive *Overeating *Overly Critical *Pain Management *Panic Attacks *Passive-Aggressive *Past Life Regression *Perfectionism *Performance Anxiety *Pessimism *Phobias *Postsurgical *Premature Ejaculation *Pre Surgical *Problem Solving *Procrastination *Prosperity *Public Speaking *Reach Goals *Rejection *Relationship Enhancement *Relaxation *Resentment *Resistance *Resistance to Change *Responsibility *Restlessness *Sadness *Self-Awareness *Self-Blame *Self-Confidence *Self-Control *Self-Criticism *Self-Defeating Behaviors *Self-Esteem *Self-Expression *Self-Forgiveness *Self-Hypnosis *Self-Image *Self-Mastery *Sexual Problems *Shame *Skin Problems *Sleep Disorders *Smoking *Social Phobia *Sports *Stage Fright *Stress *Study Habits *Stuttering *Stubborn *Substance Abuse *Superiority *Surgical Recovery *Tardiness *Tension *Temptation *Test Taking *Thumb Sucking *Tics *Trauma *Ulcers *Victimization *Weight Loss *Workaholic *Worry *Writers Block & & So Many More...

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