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RE:   Become A Certified Hypnosis Practitioner

2017 / 2018 Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Training Schedule

*   October - 6 Day Training Program   SOLD OUT
*   November - 3 Day Training Program (Boot Camp Style)
*   December - None Scheduled (Gift Certificates Available)
*   January - 6 Day Training Program & 12 Week Training Program
*   February - 3 Day Training Program (Boot Camp Style)
*   March - 12 Week Training Program
*   April - 4 Weeks Training Class (4 Weekends - Saturdays & Sundays)
*   May - 6 Day Training Program & 12 Week Training Program
*   June - 3 Day Training Program - (Boot Camp Style)
*   July - 6 Day Training Program
*   August - 3 Day Training Program (Boot Camp Style)
*   September - 4 Weeks Training Class (4 Weekends - Saturdays & Sundays)
*   October - 6 Day Training Program
*   November - 3 Day Training Program (Boot Camp Style)
*   December - None Scheduled (Gift Certificates Available)

Learn to help others in making positive life changes. Help others with smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, stress, depression, deep relaxation, physical issues, past life regression and so much more.

You can quickly begin to earn up to $100 to $200 per session as a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner. During this training you will learn how to hypnotize others, practice on others and be hypnotized yourself. Practical experience and many resources to make your practice successful will be offered. Become a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner in one of our 4 Training Programs. You will learn how to market your business and so you can begin getting clients immediately.

The Sky's The Limit For Your Successful New Business

International Hypnosis Institute Training Center

When you make the choice to become a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner you are making one of the most important decisions of your life. You are putting yourself in a position of working for yourself... being your own boss. You can begin earning the amount of money you've always dreamed of earning. You'll have a professional career helping people change their lives to reach their greatest potential. There are so many benefits when you are a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner.

We Teach You How To Become A Fully Certified Hypnosis Practitioner With 4 Different Training Options

*   3 Day Training - Boot Camp Style
*   6 Day Training Class
*   4 Weeks Training Class (4 Weekends - Saturdays & Sundays)
*   12 Weeks Training Class (1 Class Per Week)

Lead Hypnosis Groups Such As:


The Topics Listed Below Are Covered In The Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Training:

*   What Is Hypnosis
*   Suggestibility
*   Imagination
*   The Mind
*   Sub-conscious Activities
*   The Truth About Hypnosis
*   Memories Are Not Absolute
*   History Of Hypnosis
*   Historical Dates And People
*   Famous Users Of Hypnosis
*   The Purpose Of Suggestibility
*   Analytical Vs. Non-analytical
*   Various Suggestibility Tests
*   Classification Of Clients
*   How The Mind Works
*   Charting The Suggestibility Of Clients
*   Building A Hypnosis Session
*   Organizing The Session
*   Putting It All Together (Chart)
*   Non Analytical Session Instruction
*   Analytical Session Instruction
*   What Are Inductions
*   Inductions And Techniques
*   What Are Deepeners And Techniques
*   Analytical Vehicles -what Are They
*   How Do Analytical Vehicles Work
*   Hypnosis Scripts
*   How To Write Your Own Scripts
*   Select Hypnosis Scripts For Training
*   Awakenings
*   Depth Levels
*   Waking Hypnosis
*   Stages Of Hypnosis
*   Arons Depth Scale
*   Arons Depth Scale Chart
*   Depth Testing Script
*   Davis And Husband Scale
*   Lecron Bordeaux Depth Scale
*   Brainwave Frequencies And Chart
*   Alpha Brainwave Frequencies
*   Theta Brainwave Frequencies
*   Delta Brainwave Frequencies
*   Explanation Of Chart
*   Correlating Brain Wave Frequencies To Hypnotic Depths Levels
*   Building A Complete Session
*   Building A Pre-session
*   Why Hypnosis Always Works
*   Intake Worksheet
*   Common Hypnotic Misconceptions
*   Post Session Report Form
*   Collect Fee And Re-schedule
*   Session Proficiency Exercise
*   Office Environment
*   Instant And Rapid Introductions
*   Causes Of Stress
*   Solutions - Elimination Of Stress
*   Healing With Hypnosis
*   Subconscious: Pertaining To Healing
*   A Few Rules About The Subconscious
*   Your "want To"
*   Negative Statements And Their Effect
*   Positive Replacements
*   The Effect Of Sarcasm
*   Pain Management
*   Healing
*   Bridge Technique
*   Phobias
*   Stimuli Replacement Program
*   Regression Calendar Technique
*   Other Regression Techniques
*   Thought Stopping
*   Color Imagery
*   True / Pseudo Regression
*   Regression Detective Techniques
*   Automatic Writing
*   All Hypnosis Is Self Hypnosis
*   Creating Your Own Recorded Sessions
*   Six-step Self Hypnosis Process
*   Ericksonian Hypnosis
*   Confusional Technique
*   Telephone Hypnosis
*   Rapid Inductions
*   Emergency Hypnosis
*   Auto Suggestion Script
*   Reading Is Hypnotic
*   Writing Is Magical
*   Advertising
*   Daydreaming
*   Subliminals
*   Covert Hypnosis
*   Pacing And Leading
*   Meditation And Hypnosis
*   Smoking Cessation
*   Smoking Statistics
*   Helpful Hints, Tips & Tools
*   Smoking Cessation: Single Session
*   Smoking Withdrawal Program
*   Instructions For Withdrawal Program
*   Group Presentation Format
*   Marketing & Advertising Hypnosis
*   Metaphysics
*   Imagination: The Sixth Sense
*   ESP Development
*   Wisdom From Your Intuition
*   Past Life Regression
*   Creating A Spirit Room
*   Contacting Spirits (Script)
*   Metaphysic Group Sessions

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UPON GRADUATION FROM THE INTERNATIONAL HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE TRAINING CENTER you will also receive a 1 Year Subscription along with the most Elite Hypnosis and Self-Help Certification Available from the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION...

Many applicants do not know the actual purpose of a Hypnosis Certifying Body. Yes they do give you an extra certificate to hang on your wall but their main purpose is to work for YOU! They are designed to be a Third Party Recognition that can vouch for your credentials. That is the actual reason you are receiving a certificate to hang on your wall by the way. It is a way of vouching that you have been trained by a certain "Standard" of competence. This is required in the industry as there is presently no Federal Regulation regarding hypnotherapy.


The AIA is here to help you to become successful. Once your Hypnosis Training is completed with the IWI HYPNOSIS TRAINING CENTER... this is where the American International Association begins working with you, for the coming year and even longer if you decide to renew your membership.

"Raising the Bar to a Higher Standard of Excellence"
American International Association*

* Included is 1st Year of AIA Membership with Over $2000.00 worth of training and ongoing helpful materials to include:

1. Hypnotherapy Scripts #1 Manual - Over 400 original scripts for the practitioner.
2. Triple your Clients in 30 Days - Shows many exercises to get clients lined up quickly.
3. Build a Top Ranked Website in 60 Days - Just as it sounds. If you are not on the top of the web pag results you may as well not even be there. This book will show you how.
4. Hypnosis Money Makers - How to begin many avenues of income as a hypnosis graduate.
5. The Complete Magic Book - Being a little magical can make the difference whether young clients will barely tolerate you or be riveted by every word you say. Includes simple magic illusions that can be found locally.
6. Over 100 Complete Session mp3s for every topic imaginable - Use them for yourself, learn from them or get valuable ideas.
7. Training videos and audios - Great learning tools and ongoing refreshers.
8. Our entire Total Habit Replacement Program.
9. Training podcasts to continue learning on business building and other topics.

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Dennis K Thomas, Certified Hypnotist & a Certified Hypnotist Trainer / Instructor is trained in Hypnotherapy and Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Psychology and Energy Psychology. He is also a Mind Body Energy Specialist & Instructor. For over 20 years he has had a private practice helping many through life's many transitions in the field of sales. He has trained hundreds of Professionals in working with prospects / clients and how to be a more effective and successful Sales Professional. He brings a wealth of experience to your Hypnotherapy training experience. Thomas offers a holistic approach to hypnosis. His trainees are taught to be aware of the whole person (including body, mind and spirit) when they are hypnotizing their clients to make long lasting life changes.


CONTACT:   DENNIS K. THOMAS       Email:       Hypnotist Info Line:   888.448.2112

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Below is where you can register for the various IHI Certified Hypnotist Trainings. By registering online you save 10% off of the $1,500.00 Registration Fee. We have a number of different types of trainings for you to choose from, please choose the Certified Training Program that you are interested in and then proceed to the payment button.:

We Teach You How To Become A Fully Certified Hypnosis Practitioner With 4 Different Training Options

1) 3 Day Training - Boot Camp Style
2) 6 Day Training Class
3) 4 Weeks Training Class (4 Weekends - Saturdays & Sundays)
4) 12 Weeks Training Class (1 Class Per Week)

Procedure to Register for IHI Certified Hypnotist Training:

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Here Are Some Of The Issues That Can Be Helped By The Services Of The International Hypnosis Institute (Subsidiary of International Wellness Institute)...   It's Exciting To Witness Some Of The "Amazing Transformations" That Have Occurred!

Of course, two of the major issues that can be helped are: Anxiety Disorder which may cause loss of appetite and lack of interest in sex. Other symptoms include muscle tension, headaches and insomnia.... The Constant State of Stress which can lead to clinical depression. You are also at increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

  Some Of The Other Issues That Can Successfully Be Helped Are As Follows:  

*Abandonment *Addictions *Age Regression *Aggression *Agoraphobia *Anesthesia *Anger *Anxiety *Assertiveness *Assist Healing *Attitude Adjustment *Bed Wetting *Biofeedback *Breakup *Breathing *Career Success *Change Habits *Child Birth *Chronic Pain *Communication *Concentration *Confidence *Controlling *Cramps *Cravings *Creativity *Death or Loss *Discouraged *Divorce *Dreams *Empty Nest *Exam Anxiety *Exercise *Fear of Animals *Fear of Death *Fear of Dentist *Fear of Doctor *Fear of Failure *Fear of Flying *Fear of Heights *Fear of Loss of Control *Fear of School *Fear of Success *Fear of Surgery *Fear of Water *Fears *Forgiveness *Frustration *Gagging *Gambling *Guilt *Grief *Hair Twisting *Headaches *Helplessness *Hopelessness *Hypochondria *Hostility *Hypertension *Immune System *Impotency *Improve Health *Improve Sales *Indecision *Inferiority *Inhibition *Insecurity *Insomnia *Irrational *Irrational Thoughts *Irritability *Jealousy *Lack of Ambition *Lack of Direction *Lack of Enthusiasm *Lack of Initiative *Lack of Joy *Lack of Purpose *Lower Blood Pressure *Medication Side Effects *Memory *Menopause *Mental Blocks *Mistrust *Moodiness *Motivation *Nail Biting *Nausea *Negativism *Nightmares *Obsessions *Obsessive-Compulsive *Overeating *Overly Critical *Pain Management *Panic Attacks *Passive-Aggressive *Past Life Regression *Perfectionism *Performance Anxiety *Pessimism *Phobias *Postsurgical *Premature Ejaculation *Pre Surgical *Problem Solving *Procrastination *Prosperity *Public Speaking *Reach Goals *Rejection *Relationship Enhancement *Relaxation *Resentment *Resistance *Resistance to Change *Responsibility *Restlessness *Sadness *Self-Awareness *Self-Blame *Self-Confidence *Self-Control *Self-Criticism *Self-Defeating Behaviors *Self-Esteem *Self-Expression *Self-Forgiveness *Self-Hypnosis *Self-Image *Self-Mastery *Sexual Problems *Shame *Skin Problems *Sleep Disorders *Smoking *Social Phobia *Sports *Stage Fright *Stress *Study Habits *Stuttering *Stubborn *Substance Abuse *Superiority *Surgical Recovery *Tardiness *Tension *Temptation *Test Taking *Thumb Sucking *Tics *Trauma *Ulcers *Victimization *Weight Loss *Workaholic *Worry *Writers Block & So Many More...

This information should not be treated as a substitute for advice given by your General Practitioner, Medical Doctor, Psychiatric Professional or any other Healthcare Professional. We encourage you to check with your Physician before attempting any new therapies. Success from any kind of: coaching, self-taught techniques, positive mental attitude and wellness tools or hypnosis cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

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