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Now Available: Hypnosis TeleSessions

Dennis K. Thomas, CHP, CHI, IWI Founder

Hypnosis by Phone (TeleSession)

Research shows that hypnosis works, and you intuitively understand that who you work with is central to the effectiveness of the work. You want a hypnotist who is well trained, keeps their training up and has a great reputation. You also want a hypnotist who is a great "fit" because good rapport between you and your hypnotist is critical to having suggestions for change accepted by your subconscious mind.

You should be very particular about who you work with. Hypnosis is NOT one of those services you choose based on who is closest to you or who is cheapest. The right hypnotist can help you achieve the results you desire quickly, and make those results last a lifetime.

But the right hypnotist isn't always convenient. What do you do when the person you want to work with is on the other side of the county, the state or even the world? We hear the following a lot...

Working with the International Hypnosis Institute by phone (Hypnosis TeleSession) was amazing. When I closed my eyes it really was like they were right there in the room with me, rather than on the other side of the nation. Years of research shows that hypnosis therapy and hypnosis by phone really is the original mind/body medicine. NIH clinical trials show that patients hypnotized before surgery have shorter hospitals stays, and their surgeries are performed more quickly. Hypnosis has been proven as an effective and famous adjunct for weight loss, smoking cessation and fears.

Hypnosis is fast and efficient. With just a few sessions, the International Hypnosis Institute can help you achieve the following:

*   Weight Loss
*   Calmness during Dentist Visits
*   Relaxation and Relief from Anxiety
*   Relief from Phobias
*   Relief from Fears
*   Stop Cigarettes / Stop Smoking
*   Controlling Weight
*   Quit Nail Biting
*   Get Rid of Bad Habits
*   Improve Self Esteem
*   Improve Relationships
*   Find Relief Chronic Pain
*   Improve your Work Skills
*   Overcoming Shyness
*   And so many more listed at the bottom of this page...

In fact, most work can be done with hypnosis over the phone... Called Hypnosis TeleSessions

Here's How It Works:

Call the International Hypnosis Institute at 888.448.2112 to schedule a phone consultation about a specific challenge or issue, discuss a little more about how hypnosis works and then if you wish, you can schedule your hypnosis phone session (Hypnosis TeleSession). All you need for the Hypnosis TeleSession is a phone or headset and a comfortable chair.

Hypnosis can be an excellent treatment for particular health problems because hypnosis is non-invasive (nothing enters your body), has no negative side effects (it is not a drug), and is relatively inexpensive (5 or 6 sessions usually are sufficient). Hypnosis can help you reach your goals in your personal life - maybe you want to stop the fear of _______ (fill in the blank) or maybe you want to start exercising, stop smoking, lose weight, have more confidence, stop headaches, etc., etc., etc.

Hypnosis can help you in your work life - perhaps you have trouble prospecting or maybe you are habitually late. Hypnosis sessions can help you to regulate your behavior, alter your thoughts, and use your mind to control your body. You and your hypnotist are allies; the hypnotist's job is to assist you in reaching your goal. Try It. You Will Benefit!

Call the International Hypnosis Institute for a FREE No-Charge Consultation Today:   HYPNOTIST INFOLINE:   888.448.2112

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Here Are Some Of The Issues That Can Be Helped By The Services Of The International Hypnosis Institute (Subsidiary of International Wellness Institute)...   It's Exciting To Witness Some Of The "Amazing Transformations" That Have Occurred!

Of course, two of the major issues that can be helped are: Anxiety Disorder which may cause loss of appetite and lack of interest in sex. Other symptoms include muscle tension, headaches and insomnia.... The Constant State of Stress which can lead to clinical depression. You are also at increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

  Some Of The Other Issues That Can Successfully Be Helped Are As Follows:  

*Abandonment *Addictions *Age Regression *Aggression *Agoraphobia *Anesthesia *Anger *Anxiety *Assertiveness *Assist Healing *Attitude Adjustment *Bed Wetting *Biofeedback *Breakup *Breathing *Career Success *Change Habits *Child Birth *Chronic Pain *Communication *Concentration *Confidence *Controlling *Cramps *Cravings *Creativity *Death or Loss *Discouraged *Divorce *Dreams *Empty Nest *Exam Anxiety *Exercise *Fear of Animals *Fear of Death *Fear of Dentist *Fear of Doctor *Fear of Failure *Fear of Flying *Fear of Heights *Fear of Loss of Control *Fear of School *Fear of Success *Fear of Surgery *Fear of Water *Fears *Forgiveness *Frustration *Gagging *Gambling *Guilt *Grief *Hair Twisting *Headaches *Helplessness *Hopelessness *Hypochondria *Hostility *Hypertension *Immune System *Impotency *Improve Health *Improve Sales *Indecision *Inferiority *Inhibition *Insecurity *Insomnia *Irrational *Irrational Thoughts *Irritability *Jealousy *Lack of Ambition *Lack of Direction *Lack of Enthusiasm *Lack of Initiative *Lack of Joy *Lack of Purpose *Lower Blood Pressure *Medication Side Effects *Memory *Menopause *Mental Blocks *Mistrust *Moodiness *Motivation *Nail Biting *Nausea *Negativism *Nightmares *Obsessions *Obsessive-Compulsive *Overeating *Overly Critical *Pain Management *Panic Attacks *Passive-Aggressive *Past Life Regression *Perfectionism *Performance Anxiety *Pessimism *Phobias *Postsurgical *Premature Ejaculation *Pre Surgical *Problem Solving *Procrastination *Prosperity *Public Speaking *Reach Goals *Rejection *Relationship Enhancement *Relaxation *Resentment *Resistance *Resistance to Change *Responsibility *Restlessness *Sadness *Self-Awareness *Self-Blame *Self-Confidence *Self-Control *Self-Criticism *Self-Defeating Behaviors *Self-Esteem *Self-Expression *Self-Forgiveness *Self-Hypnosis *Self-Image *Self-Mastery *Sexual Problems *Shame *Skin Problems *Sleep Disorders *Smoking *Social Phobia *Sports *Stage Fright *Stress *Study Habits *Stuttering *Stubborn *Substance Abuse *Superiority *Surgical Recovery *Tardiness *Tension *Temptation *Test Taking *Thumb Sucking *Tics *Trauma *Ulcers *Victimization *Weight Loss *Workaholic *Worry *Writers Block & So Many More...

This information should not be treated as a substitute for advice given by your General Practitioner, Medical Doctor, Psychiatric Professional or any other Healthcare Professional. We encourage you to check with your Physician before attempting any new therapies. Success from any kind of: coaching, self-taught techniques, positive mental attitude and wellness tools or hypnosis cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary greatly and in accordance to your commitment, effort, determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

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