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Past Life Regression

Hypnosis is an excellent tool to help a client remember long-forgotten incidents. There is nothing mysterious about it. It is just a state of focused concentration. Under the instruction of a skilled hypnotherapist, the client's body relaxes, causing the memory to sharpen. So it is not only helpful in reducing anxiety, eliminating phobias, changing bad habits, and aiding in the recall of repressed material, there are also many successful cases in regressing clients back to their early childhoods, even to when they were two or three years old, thus eliciting the memories of long-forgotten traumas that were disrupting their lives.

Regression therapy is the mental act of going back to an earlier time, in order to retrieve memories that may still be negatively influencing a person's present life and that are probably the source of the symptoms. Hypnosis allow the mind to short-circuit conscious barriers to tap this information, including those barriers that prevent you from consciously accessing past lives.

A significant number of researchers across the globe have found out conclusively that profound healing and transformation accompanied past life recall. This led to the evolution of past life regression as a powerful tool for therapy and transformation. Past life regression truly can be an indescribable leap into the mystical and magical, though the remembering of one's prior lifetimes is not essential or necessary for everyone, as not everyone has carried over blocks or scars that are significant in the current lifetime. The emphasis is always to be placed on the present, not the past.

In the current life experience there can often be incidents of unrest and difficulty that appear to have no connections to your current moment. It is, however, somewhat impossible to dismiss the negative energy as it impacts the now moment. Well, all of us have had lives where the energy created remains unresolved. Some of these lives manifested negative moments that had no opportunity in a physical enactment to resolve themselves. The life ended taking with it this energy wishing to be concluded. In some cases there is a huge build up of this energy from concurrent and parallel lives.

Those who find themselves in this type of moment are often confused with the influence those lives have upon their current ones. More confusion arises when the inability to get "anything right in the moment" reflects upon the life they are living now. It is important to consider the energy of a past life, while attempting to work through present dramas. Being able to separate the past from the now is valuable.

Consider the multiple aspects of your physical experience. It may enable you to maintain your power and progress in this one. For a lot of people, the main reason for exploring a past life is to find a missing piece to your personal puzzle - the key that can unlock the door of something that nags at you but for which you lack an explanation in your present life.

So get ready for a journey through time and space - literally. With a Past Life Regression session, you'll be guided into deep trance and experience first hand past lives through regression. In this open, accepting, relaxed environment you can access several key lives you've lived, unveiling roles, relationships, places and talents that were important to you. More importantly, what you have gained from these lifetimes, including any effects you've carried forward to the present. During your experience we embark on a journey into your different "lifetimes" uncovering:

1) Who you were
2) What roles you filled (career, position)
3) What you learned (skill sets to life lessons)
4) Relationships you had (lovers, family, friends, colleagues, nemesis) and
5) Any dynamics you carried forward into the present

Past Life Regressions are particularly valuable when dealing with issues that have no "rational" cause. Many people find spiritual healing with individuals that they are in conflict with at work, in social circles and in their families. These conflicts all have the quality of "unsolvability", meaning that there is no outward cause of the conflict but rather the feeling that "there is just something about this situation that I just don't understand."

Past Life Regressions are particularly helpful in solving relationship problems with partners, parents and family members because of the tendency to continue to share life experiences with these primary people. I've also noticed that people with phobias tend to do well with Past Life Regressions.

Fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of water, etc. all seem to have roots in past life traumas and I have found that this modality is especially effective in these cases.

There is also remarkable evidence that chronic somatic illnesses can be relieved and often times cured through the use of Past Life Regressions. Our bodies are a reflection of our conscious and unconscious mind. As a result, certain traumas that occur in a previous life can manifest physical symptoms in this life. Of course, you should continue to do whatever your Doctor advices you to do as we are not Doctors and do not give medical advice.

What does a past life journey feels and looks like? Do you remember the last time you were at the movies and you became so involved in the story that you cried? You were emotionally, even physically, involved, but you also knew that there were people around you eating popcorn or whispering comments. That too is what a past life regression journey can feel like. You are there, and here, at the same time.

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Of course, two of the major issues that can be helped are: Anxiety Disorder which may cause loss of appetite and lack of interest in sex. Other symptoms include muscle tension, headaches and insomnia.... The Constant State of Stress which can lead to clinical depression. You are also at increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

  Some Of The Other Issues That Can Successfully Be Helped Are As Follows:  

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